I'm not attached to no material thing
Therefore nobody can control me
that's why I am a King!
     KēNg               Anthony
"We have entered a whole new era of music where people want creative artists and musicians back in the spotlight again and I am going to do my best to entertain them at the highest standard of creativity possible with my music". 

KēNg Anthony Aug, 2017

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The story behind this music video entitled "Wus up" is that in 2007 some investors in the Netherlands asked me if I could make a song that sounds somewhat in the range of Lil' John for their new indie label. I reluctantly agreed because I was offered a hefty sum in order to do so and once the song was completed they wanted to shoot a video to it for Europe which I again did for a fee and this was the outcome. Again, bare in mind that this is "NOT" my rap style and I offer this video as a show of industry experience only. Please refer to newer songs as KēNg Anthony " HERE " as opposed to judging my abilities based on this one where I was paid to create a similar sound of someone else for someone else other than myself as an artist.

Below is when Hip hop was still young back in the 1992-1993 Era and I appeared on and produced this song on Universal Records with the artist Shadowcast.
It Was my first appearance on major record label. Shout outs to David Esterson, Timothy Bigelow , Doc Clarke and Universal Records for showing me love and for the opportunity to be in the video.