I'm not attached to no material thing
Therefore nobody can control me
that's why I am a King!
     KēNg               Anthony
"We have entered a whole new era of music where people want creative artists and musicians back in the spotlight again and I am going to do my best to entertain them at the highest standard of creativity possible with my music". 

KēNg Anthony Aug, 2017

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Here is something about me. It is a letter I put together for a label executive on the east coast who wanted me to set up and run their west coast music and modeling division. I' sending you this just to give you some insight in to who I am.. Please excuse any misspellings as there was a rough draft and then a spell checked completed documents which I can't seem to find at the moment.

My abilities are far reaching and cover a variety of different categories including being a professional artist, music production, writer, performer who also does video editing, web design, script and screenplay writing, networking, marketing, event planning, promotions, inventing, negotiating, business plan writing, talent scouting, management, and much more. I am a Pisces. Non-stop creativity, and a big time dreamer who completes every task that I set out upon.

To be as brief as possible, because I could never tell all of the experience that I have in the entertainment industry in a Bio or even in one conversation because I have over 20 years worth of stories to tell, this interview that I did in 2006 with an online magazine would pretty much sum up who and what I am about as an artist and producer:  http://dennicasplace.com/interviews_rukus.php

I am one who you might say is forever in the game because I learned it with a large majority of the superstars and industry executives of today way back in 1993 when we were all striving to get in the game living in an area called North Hollywood, California where at the time nobody was famous yet. 

So Jennifer Lopez, Dave Chapelle, Erick Benet, Brandy & Ray jay, Nia long, Stacy dash, Terrence Howard, Anthony anderson, Chris tucker, Jessie powell, and to keep it short lets just say that pretty much EVERYBODY you can imagine from 1994-2005 from the Pharcyde, Tupac, Notorious BIG, Snoop dogg, The alcoholics, and Wu-tang, Omarion and way too many to name were all either friends or associates on the climb to the top, we just all decided to take different paths and I was more interested in being behind the scenes making beats and learning how the industry works, which was good for me because I was able to learn the game a little more in depth than they could at that time.

To sum things up, I am very very well connected with Producers worldwide, Artists, and Executives. I am a one stop shop of experience, imagination and focus, and to this day my attorney is still Terry Oneal, who is Shaq's cousin actually, and former attorney of the screen actors guild which he ran with Mellisa Gilbert from little house on the prairie before starting his own firm.

I currently have been asked to team up with a good friend of mine who just started his label and will be working through UNIVERSAL but that is too new to take serious at the moment. I still also have distribution with the biggest distributor of digital music theorchard.com  for my Indie label ever since my last project in 2006-2007  and I still have who I consider to be the greatest media buyer in the world, Mia Compazzi with the cheapest national television rates in the USA :) as well as still going to good old digiwaxx.com  for radio airplay whenever I decide to dive in to a new project which is actually right about now with my new group called "Dominion" in the process of talking about possibly putting together a new album called "Beyond physics" this year.

For the last 6 month I have been dabbling in the modeling aspect of the adult as well as the non adult entertainment industry which many laugh at but don't truly understand how lucrative the industry is. Not only is it a very lucrative industry but it is a powerful industry as well. My network of potential investors, clients, companies, etc. built itself just off the basis of my companies name and the profile picture of the model that I use on social media sites. I didn't have  to  seek out anyone, everything came to me on a daily basis while I was still in the process of designing and building the websites. 

Right now I am scouting new models, and talent to help find them work and placements, as well as being a marketing and advertising / screening and booking company which you can see here at www.celadonmodeling.com  and www.clubceladon.com   It is very hard work actually, and I am in the process of trying to make it fully automated. 

However, staying within the range of what my new websites are currently doing I also have access to nearly every major porn star in the United States, including the legends from years prior, and that has been the most of my work load because the majority of the individuals who come to me are their fans who want to mostly meet the porn legends in person, or to have them host corporate events & trade shows, and even to be in non pornographic major motion pictures as well, so it is real, not a game, and big business indeed. The numbers that  get  thrown at me are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range on a daily basis.

Getting back to when and why I took a break from my career back in 2007 up until now I must present a short story so that my hiatus can be understood, and so that you can gather some insight in to my experience as well. It was an up and down ride but the music business always is.
In 1993 I was asked to do a radio drop for Orlando Cruz of BRASS RECORDS who at the time was a subsidiary of Delicious Vinyl and they loved it so I was offered a deal with Brass right after completing the 30 second drop while still in the studio. They then hooked me up with everyone from the baka boys, Stevie wonder, house of pain, Cypress hill, the dust brothers, who are the beastie boys producers, Tone Loc, young mc, the brand new heavies, masta ace, booya tribe, pharcyde, the alcoholics, and again, way too many to name. However, Orlando ended up not being able to continue with Brass so we went our separate ways.

In 1994 we had the BIG California earthquake which destroyed the apartment that I lived  in and I ran in to Terrence Howard on my way to the store. He was not famous yet for anything much really at the time but The jackson 5 made for TV movie. However, I played my beats to him  that I had made with DJ NUMARK who is now over at saturday night live, and explained my situation to him by which he invited me to come stay with him and his wife for a while. He loved my instrumentals so much that he offered to buy me some music equipment with his income tax check, which he did do, and the rest is history. 

To make a long story short I built a library of music which allowed me to sell instrumentals to survive, he got the the movie "dead presidents,"  I  got my own apartment on melrose and stayed productive, met Omarions dad at a club and brought Omarion in to my new crew Da Wyldkingdom when he was 9 years old and named him Omarion, and his dad became my manager for several years to come. You can read Omarions USA today interview with him stating that he was a part of my crew and that I am the one who named him Omarion the  young king here at http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/music/2007-03-15-2125138850_x.htm 

I then went on to making and selling beats throughout 1995 through 1996 and then I made a demo with my new crew Da Wyldkingdom that shot us to the top of the bidding wars with major and indie record labels during the time of the Wu-tang, Tupac, and Notorious BIG era. Tupac was actually good friend of mine. I met him through Terrence howard as well as a whole host of celebrities from charlie murphy and Ice cube and Bernie mack, Jamie fox and many others from being on the sets of most of Terrences movies with him at that time. I also became really good friends with Ole dirty bastard from wutang as well back then..

Continuing on, I teamed up with Lance Cruz at Loud records by taking our demo up to their label and requesting a meeting. Loud had Xzibit, Wutang clan, and the Alcoholics then and from there we were able to link up with Pete Manriquez in (96' also) who was the program director of power 106 in Los angeles, and we had a radio song battle with believe it or not "Brian austin green" from Beverly hills 90210 and his rap group. I know thats funny but their song was actually really good and we got robbed and lost the battle but then a bunch of listeners started calling in saying that our group won the battle. The lines were flooded and it was cool :) so although we lost, by 1 vote.. WE REALLY ONE.. True story..

Pete liked our overall material and took our demo and shopped it around to people such as Paul stewart over at PMP Records when Montel williams song on the PMP label "This is how we do it" was blowing up, as well as to Sony records, Priority records, Universal/MCA and back over to Loud RCA. Several other labels wanted to sign us as well but unfortunately we were not only caught up in the last quarter of low budgets, but to our surprise and unknowing pete was turning down deals and asking for too much money from the labels to sign us at that time. It was the last quarter but pete didn't want to white label the album for test runs and wait until the first quarter to make a deal.
1997-1998 Pete teamed up with Coolio and got him a deal by using my group as the lure believe it or not, Anthony Anzaldo told pete that he would give him and Coolio the deal through Beyond/BMG if he could have us "Da wyldkingdom" so Pete came to us and offered me  the  deal and I accepted it only because we were supposed to be the first group to come out on the roster which you can read about in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE where my groups name is also mentioned here at  https://books.google.com/books?id=eigEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA21&lpg=PA21&dq=beyond+records+coolio&source=bl&ots=-YpO177O5J&sig=FmWDroD7WE_zTTF4ZdAabe9WXkM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjZuJLzhO3LAhVJOCYKHWFVD_8Q6AEIKDAC#v=onepage&q=beyond%20records%20coolio&f=false  

needless to say Mr. Coolio "who is still a very good friend of mine" made some mistakes and changed the albums format from Da Wyldkingdom coming out first to  him trying to put out a compilation album of all of his buddies he had been working with prior to us thinking that he was going to be able to expose everyone all at once and then branch us off in to solo deals, which was a bad idea and the album did nothing. The president of BMG approached me to go on the first stretch of the tour after we performed for all of the executives of BMG worldwide in Los angeles "Also where Chuck D" from Public Enemy came up to me and said that Da Wyldkingdom was the greatest  and that we were going to blow up :) I had to add that because I was all so proud.

In finishing, before the tour could get started Coolio crashed one of the tour buses and got sued for injuries by one of the groups called DVS which destroyed his record label,  so I left the label with no qualms due to my escape clause in my contract and although I was asked to come back I wasn't interested and just left the music business behind for a while and settled down and created a family, and didn't stick my head back above water until 2006 when i started the  N-Ovative Media Group and drew up a business plan which "I have attached" to this email for your review. It's a multimedia concept I drafted up in 2006 covering music, adult entertainment, and film.
Still in the year of 2006 a good friend of mine and Wyldkingdom crew member named Bzaro was touring in Europe and Asia and presented my multimedia plan to some investors in the Netherlands, and after researching who I was they asked me to do a specific project for them which I was hesitant to do at first because it was totally not my style but I did go ahead and do it for the money as well as to help Bzaro with his relationship with them with regards to securing an investment for his company as well. 

The offer was for $150K to do one song for them as well as another $150k to shoot the video for Europe only, and since at the time Lil' John was very big in Europe they asked me if I could make a song similar to a Lil' john song for them to promote in Europe, and I did do so with a song called "Wus up" which you can view the video here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpS8BJPbX78 it doesn't have a lot of views because it was set to private but I just made it public in order for you to watch it.

The song did do well in Europe, however the investors did not honor our agreement and allowed it to cross over in to the US by which for the sake of my stage name and REAL rap style I had to counter the song by creating an underground Maxi Single called "Wus up the maxi" and i added the song Wus up to it and put it out independently through my distributor theorchard.com  in order to let it be known that I am not that type of MC.. We did not promote the maxi other than on the streets by giving it away for free as well as online for free even though theorchard.com  did put it in hundreds of stores worldwide I had no interest in marketing it and it still did very well underground. You can hear some of the songs on the maxi that shows what I really do as an artist here at:


Again, I am only making them public for you to view. They don't have any views because I didn't put them up to be viewed, I put them up for them to be archived so that I will always have access to them just in case I lost the masters.

From 2007-2010 I took the daddy break raising my sons. No music and after separating from my significant other I came to Las vegas.

Once in Vegas after struggling to figure out how the city works I kept myself busy making beats http://wizeguy2011.wix.com/rukus-website#!music and inventing and what not, by which throughout my transitioning period I had the opportunity to come in to contact with Beryl Wolk, a multi-billionaire marketing genius who you can view a couple of his Billionaire Mastermind Forum Youtube videos if your unfamiliar with who he is at: 


He is responsible for marketing CNN when it first started with Ted turner as well BET (Black entertainment television) and too many major accomplishments in the marketing realm to name. His videos are truly a must watch to grasp the reach that I had access to at that time when he had put me in charge of his whole music division called better world music http://musicabetterworld431.wix.com/music-better-world by which I signed a NON-EXCLUSIVE JOINT AGREEMENT with his marketing company giving me access to his vast marketing empire as long as whatever I created was for a better world.. Beryl has since past away and his son has taken over but I continue to leave the website up in his honor.

Wrapping up in this is amazing year of 2016 I currently have an invention that I created sometime back which is a very high end digital product that has been picked up by a major manufacturer / distributor and licensing company, and I also have interested investors in Taiwan ready to put the money up for everything required after the prototype has been created. We already have best buy and target and walmart, etc. interested in putting the product in stores. I have also been focusing on my modeling and adult entertainment websites, newly growing those to completion and I am open to new experiences and challenges along the way.

I hope this helps with describing how my mind operates and some of my experience in a vast array of industries, and there is much more, but again I could never outline them all in an email, bio, or conversation. There have been many victory's as well but I felt it best to give a realistic examples for you to be able to grasp the ways that I accumulated my knowledge in the industry over time. Again this link describes how I think musically: http://dennicasplace.com/interviews_rukus.php

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