I'm not attached to no material thing
Therefore nobody can control me
that's why I am a King!
     KēNg               Anthony
"We have entered a whole new era of music where people want creative artists and musicians back in the spotlight again and I am going to do my best to entertain them at the highest standard of creativity possible with my music". 

KēNg Anthony Aug, 2017

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"Most Of My Songs Now Are Orchestrated Like Films.. They Are Theatrical and Telling Like The Narration Within Documentaries."
KēNg Anthony July, 2016

What is Da Wyldkingdom

When I first came up with the name many thought it had something to do with the televison show about nature because of our love and obsession with lions.
Contrary to belief,  it had nothing do with the show. Instead it had all to do with our "pursue it with the hunger of a lion" ideology that was built on a set of principles such as:
  • Hard work towards the direction of our dreams
  • Keeping our skills sharpened
  • Ingenuity & originality
  • Focus
  • Learning
  • Integrity
  • Self confidence
With those principles instilled in us as a unit many did go on to become great successes in their fileds such as Omarion and Terrence Howard just to name a couple.

Because my music can cross all ethnic boundaries most of my shows tend to be a very mixed crowd showing nothing but love!
    KēNg Anthony

My Strategy?

Simply to strive to always create quality music in whatever genre that I participate in because although many claim to know a hit when they hear one the fact is that noone knows. Every time you put out your best works it's a shot in the dark and a lot of it relies on how much you are supported by your labels or investors.
There have been many songs and artist's that may not have been that great but "Somebody" with a lot of power and influence wanted them to succeed for whatever reason and they used their connections to feed it to the masses constantly to where it's all you hear everywhere you go until you eventually find it catchy or tolerable or inevitably start to like and even dance to it. This is what I mean by having real support behind you as an artist. My strategy is simply to:

  • Always make great material.
  • Utilize my 20+ years of major industry connects to help catapult me to the forefront as a name brand.
  • Master the full capabilities of social media marketing.
  • Stay up to date with new music styles coming from around the world in order to stay current.
  • Connect with my fanbase on a personal level on and offline.
  • Be charitable
  • Think outside the box
  • Always do honest business with my fellow musicians and business partners.

One key factor that will be done on my behalf is to reinvest in my career, my talents, and spreading the word about my music globally  because so many fail to do that and is why many fail. This should always be done so that whatever situations may arise when dealing with others on a business level I will still have my name to build more succesful relationships long term.  People change and grow in to different directions regularly so it is important to have a part of that which you have created to carry on.
Being in the industry as long as I have has taught me many things and number one is that it takes money to get your name out there as a household name in order to brand yourself as well as your merchandise, etc. which is why I tend to try to stay in the corporate world with my music. The fact of the matter is that if you can find the proper backing and/or support to keep your name in the forefront when it comes to media relations, radio, and nowadays "Social media" you are winning the game, so it's all about staying relevant.